The farmhouse is circa 1 km from the center of Pineto. The beach is surrounded by a splendid forest and can be easily reached by car or bike. About 2 km away is Torre Cerrano, part of the protected Cerrano marina.


From Giulianova (ca. 10 km away) and Pescara (ca. 25 km away) you may take ferries for Croatia, from Termoli (ca. 80 km away) you’ll reach the Isole Tremiti. Teramo and Pescara are the closest main towns and are quite different: the former is ancient and traditional whereas the latter is more modern and commercial.


Atri, a Roman town, is only 8 km away and has important cultural-artistic heritage, especially the Cathedral and Palazzo Ducale.


For excursion lovers the Gran Sasso d'Italia and Maiella, circa 45 minutes away, offering very evocative Apennine landscapes.


Also close is the Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo where to admire animals that are extinct elsewhere like the endemic bear and eagle.


Our closeness to the sea also offers guests many opportunities to practice sports and have fun.


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